We are tenants and don’t own our property, does that mean we can’t benefit? + -

Not necessarily, some contracts are designed to be complimentary to this common situation. It takes a little more work but is well worth the reward. The tenant receives cheap energy and the Landlord improves the property, usually at no cost at all – Win Win!

How long will a supply contract last? + -

The contract is for 20 years.

Can we change the contract, if we move for example? + -

There are various options in this respect, ranging from novating the system to the next occupier, buying out of the contract and even taking the system with you!

What if our roof needs repair? + -

In the unlikely event installation should cause a problem then of course that is all fully insured and guaranteed.
General roof maintenance is incorporated into the contract and is allowed for. It could even be combined with the installation itself to save you more money!

Is there any ongoing maintenance work or charges? + -

It is in everyone’s interest that the system is in top condition and therefore general maintenance will be needed, however this would be co-ordinated with yourselves and will not impact your work schedule. There isn’t any cost to yourselves for this during a PPA contract.

Will the system affect our insurance? + -

As you would expect it your building insurer should be informed, however we have yet to come across any adverse responses to this. The system equipment, public liability and any damage that could be caused by the system is all fully insured as part of a PPA agreement.

Can we cancel our existing supply and buy all our energy this way? + -

Unfortunately not, the system will be sized to ensure you can consume as much as possible and overall savings of 40% are achievable, but you will still need your normal supply as well. Sorry!

How can you provide energy so much cheaper than my supplier? + -

A lot of electricity costs are down to the distribution and transmission of electricity. By generating your own right where you need it on site this reduces those losses and expenses. The equipment and installation is still relatively expensive which is why the Governments Feed in Tariff (FIT) pays an incentive for every KWh of green energy produced over the life of the system. The investor receives this as well as your low PPA price which means they get a return over the life of the system.

Can we buy the system outright? + -

Yes you can and in that case you would be able to receive the FIT and export rates as well as consuming the energy for ‘free’ for maximum energy savings. Installing requires quite a significant investment however and you will then be responsible for its maintenance and operation, nevertheless this quite often an option for a business in the right position. We can demonstrate to you both options easily.

When is the best time to look into having this? + -

NOW! There honestly isn’t a better time to get the ball rolling than today. The lead-time from enquiry to completion can be quite long and the best rates are available today and will only be going to increase. Get in touch below for a desktop appraisal to see your potential opportunity now. It only takes 30 seconds to find out…

What type of business qualifies to be eligible for a system? + -

Very generally speaking a business which consumes over £800 per month of electricity and has a standard roof will find the system to be a ‘no brainer’, although every situation is different and systems are carefully sized to give you the best return. The best course of action is to get in touch below and we will give you an honest answer if it is unlikely to be suitable for you.

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